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Roulette Odds: Understanding Your Chances of Winning

Roulette is a popular online casino game that has captivated players for centuries. With its spinning wheel, colorful betting layout, and enticing odds, it’s no wonder that roulette continues to be a favorite among gamblers.

Roulette Odds

However, before diving into the roulette world, it’s crucial to understand the concept of roulette odds. This article will explore the intricacies of roulette odds, shedding light on your chances of winning and how to make informed betting decisions.

Roulette Payout Guide

The accompanying payout chart for roulette provides a comprehensive overview of the probabilities associated with the various bets available in both European and American Roulette. The odds vary depending on the type of Roulette being played. With all the calculations conveniently handled on your behalf, you can effortlessly assess your potential earnings in Roulette while actively participating in the game.

Roulette Payout Guide

It’s worth noting that the underlying mathematics behind these odds is not excessively intricate. Simply take the number 36 and divide it by the total number of squares on the table that are covered by your bet. Next, subtract one from that quotient to determine the payout ratio. As an illustration, consider a three-number bet where 36 is divided by 3, resulting in 12, and then subtracting 1 yield 11. Consequently, the payout ratio for a three-number bet is 11:1, meaning that a $10 wager could potentially yield a $110 payout upon winning.

Odds and the Potential Payout of Different Bet Types

BETPayoutEuropean OddsAmerican Odds
Straight Up35:12.70%2.60%
Basket (Four-Number with 0)6:110.8%
Five-Number (Basket with 00)6:113.2%
Red or Black1:148.65%47.37%
Odd or Even1:148.65%47.37%
High or Low1:148.65%47.37%

Roulette Odds: Decoding the Numbers

Roulette Odds Decoding the Numbers

Roulette odds refer to the probability of a specific outcome occurring during a game. Whether you’re playing the American or European version of roulette, the odds remain fundamental to understanding your potential returns. Let’s delve into the different types of bets and their respective odds:

1. Inside Bets: Taking a Closer Look

Inside bets are wagers placed on specific numbers or combinations of numbers within the roulette layout. 

Inside BetPayout when only one ball lands on the pocketPayout when both balls land on one pocket
Straight Up Bet17:134:1
Split Bet8:116:1
Street Bet5:110:1
Corner Bet3:16:1
Line Bet2:14:1

They offer higher payouts but come with lower odds. Here are some common inside bets:

a. Straight Bet: Placing Your Chips on a Single Number

The straight bet is the riskiest but most rewarding bet in roulette. By placing your chips on a single number, you have a 1 in 37 (for European roulette) or 1 in 38 (for American roulette) chance of winning.

b. Split Bet: Betting on Two Adjacent Numbers

With a split bet, you place your chips on the line between two adjacent numbers. This bet has odds of 1 in 18 for European roulette and 1 in 19 for American roulette.

c. Street Bet: Betting on Three Consecutive Numbers

A street bet covers three numbers in a row, and you place your chips on the outer edge of the row. The odds of winning a street bet are 1 in 12 for European roulette and 1 in 13 for American roulette.

d. Corner Bet: Betting on Four Numbers

Corner bets involve placing your chips on the intersection where four numbers meet. The odds of winning a corner bet are 1 in 9 for European roulette and 1 in 10 for American roulette.

e. Line Bet: Betting on Six Consecutive Numbers

A line bet covers six numbers and is placed on the outer edge of two adjacent rows. The odds of winning a line bet are 1 in 6 for European roulette and 1 in 7 for American roulette.

2. Outside Bets: Broadening Your Horizons

Outside bets are wagers placed on larger groups of numbers or characteristics, such as odd or even numbers, red or black pockets, or high or low numbers.

Outside BetPayout
Column Bet8:1
Dozens Bet8:1
Odd or Even Bet3:1
Red or Black Bet3:1
1-18 or 19-36 Bet3:1
Red and Black Bet1:1

These bets have lower payouts but higher odds of winning. Let’s explore some popular outside bets:

a. Red/Black Bet: Predicting the Color of the Winning Pocket

By placing your chips on either the red or black section of the layout, you bet on the color of the winning pocket. The odds of winning a red/black bet are 18 in 37 for European roulette and 18 in 38 for American roulette.

b. Odd/Even Bet: Betting on Odd or Even Numbers

In this bet, you predict whether the winning number will be odd or even. The odds of winning an odd/even bet are also 18 in 37 for European roulette and 18 in 38 for American roulette.

c. High/Low Bet: Betting on Number Ranges

By placing your chips on the high or low section of the layout, you bet on whether the winning number will fall within the range of 1-18 or 19-36. The odds of winning a high/low bet are 18 in 37 for European roulette and 18 in 38 for American roulette.

d. Dozen Bet: Betting on a Group of 12 Numbers

A dozen bet allows you to bet on one of three groups of 12 numbers: 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. The odds of winning a dozen bet are also 12 in 37 for European roulette and 12 in 38 for American roulette.

e. Column Bet: Betting on a Column of Numbers

With a column bet, you place your chips at the end of a column, covering 12 numbers. The odds of winning a column bet are 12 in 37 for European roulette and 12 in 38 for American roulette.


The odds of winning on a straight bet in European roulette are 1 in 37.

Yes, American roulette has slightly worse odds due to the additional double zero pocket, resulting in a higher house edge.

Outside bets such as red/black, odd/even, and high/low have better odds of winning but offer lower payouts.

No, the odds remain constant for each bet regardless of previous spins.

Yes, reputable online casinos use random number generators to ensure fair and accurate odds, similar to land-based casinos.


Understanding roulette odds is crucial for making informed betting decisions and maximizing your chances of winning. Whether you prefer inside, outside, or combination bets, it’s essential to consider the probabilities behind each wager. By combining strategy, luck, and responsible gambling practices, you can enhance your overall roulette experience at 24betting. So, the next time you’re feeling lucky, take a spin and let the roulette odds add excitement to your gaming adventure here at 24betting!

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