Unleash Rewards: Exciting 24betting Bonuses and Promotions!

Gaming in online betting sites like 24betting allows gamblers to take full advantage of the platform’s bonuses and promotions to give them a chance to win more real money. Gamblers will need to keep the different available bonuses in mind so they won’t have the misconception that they’re eligible for a bonus when they aren’t. They’ll also need to keep in mind that bonuses will have their own terms and conditions that must be fulfilled for gamers to cash out their bonus money.


The different things that gamblers must keep in mind are the following:

24betting Bonuses and Promotions

Registering with 24betting allows gamblers to take advantage of several casino bonuses and promotions, with certain limitations. Most of the bonuses are applicable to most games, except for live cricket betting, and one bonus is exclusive to only the games developed by a specific provider.

Bonus and promotion at 24betting

First Deposit/Welcome Bonus 

The first deposit welcome bonus offered by this casino is a single-use promotion that grants a fixed amount of bonus money to boost the player’s casino funds. The exact amount of bonus money received is determined by how much the gambler’s first deposit was.

First Deposit AmountBonus Money

The rollover requirement for this bonus is 9x.

New Player Mission

This platform incentive completing the setup process by binding accounts, making the casino account secure, and downloading the mobile application. Although the bonus money is low, free money is still free money.

The different missions are the following:

  • Set Telegram – receive ₹2
  • Download, install, and log in to the casino’s mobile application – ₹2
  • Set WhatsApp – receive ₹2
  • Set up Google Authenticator – receive ₹0.50
  • Bind email – receive ₹1

Sports Lose Rebate

Last Week’s LossesExtra Reward
≥ ₹1006%
≥ ₹10,0007%
≥ ₹50,0008%
≥ ₹1,111,11110%

The sports loss rebate bonus, as part of our Promotions, is the casino’s way of providing a rescue bonus to gamblers, offering them the opportunity to recoup a portion of their losses from the previous week. The rollover requirement for this bonus is 2x.

Lucky Roulette

This weekly bonus, as part of our Promotions, requires a minimum total deposit of ₹500 to access. It involves completing a mission and receiving a lucky value, with the mission refreshing every Monday at 00:00.

Total Deposit AmountLucky Points

There are 3 types of spin on this promotion:

  • Silver Spin which cost 10 lucky points with a minimum winnings of 10 and maximum winnings of ₹3,000.00.
  • Golden Spin which cost 50 lucky points with minimum winnings of 20 and maximum winnings of ₹10,000.00.
  • Diamond Spin which cost 150 lucky points with a minimum winnings of 50 and maximum winnings of ₹20,000.00.

The rollover requirement is 1x.

VIP Bonuses

Indian gamblers can get a VIP status depending on how much real money they wagered in a certain time period. The player starts with a VIP0 status and they can rank up to a VIP10 status. VIPs will have access to four (4) exclusive bonuses, which are the following:

24betting VIP program

VIP Cumulative Bonus

This is a level-up bonus, as part of the Promotions offered by 24betting, that is awarded to the gambler when they successfully rank up. The specific amount wagered to achieve a rank-up and the corresponding level-up bonus awarded to the player vary and are determined by the platform’s promotional policies. These level-up bonuses serve as exciting rewards for gamblers’ progress and achievements within the gaming platform.

By continuously wagering and advancing through the ranks, players not only enjoy the thrill of the games but also have the opportunity to unlock additional bonuses and rewards as they climb higher in the ranks. 24betting takes pride in its promotional offerings and strives to provide enticing incentives that enhance the overall gaming experience and keep players motivated to achieve new levels of success.

VIP LevelRequired Wager Amount to be PromotedLevel Up Bonus

VIP Daily Salary Bonus

This is a daily bonus awarded to the gambler depending on the total amount the gambler wagered on that day.

VIP LevelDaily Wager AmountLevel Up Bonus

VIP Weekly Salary Bonus

This is a weekly bonus awarded to the gambler depending on the total amount the gambler wagered on that week.

VIP LevelTotal Weekly WagerLevel Up Bonus

VIP Monthly Salary Bonus

This is a monthly bonus awarded to the gambler depending on the total amount the gambler wagered on that month.

VIP LevelTotal Weekly WagerLevel Up Bonus


What’s arguably the best bonus is the regular daily deposit bonus which are ideal for many casual gamers. However, slot players might want to use the T1 Games bonus since BGSoft is primarily a slot machine software developer and the bonus rewards players for winning. Some, however, might argue for the rescue bonus since they can get some of their money back while VIPs might focus more on their exclusive bonuses.

Each bonus will have its own terms and condition, including how many times a bonus can be used. The first deposit bonus can only be used once while the daily deposit bonus can only be used once a day.

No. 24betting reserves the right to terminate your account or freeze your funds when you create multiple accounts to abuse the bonuses.

Yes. 24betting bonuses can help gamblers win more real money in the long run.

Gamblers must first fulfill the turnover requirements to cash out the bonus money. Also, keep in mind to first contact customer support to activate a bonus before betting.


24betting bonuses and promotions are helpful in letting gamblers win more real money, especially when they get extremely lucky. Gamblers must only ensure that they’re properly using their bonuses and that they didn’t forget about the activation process that involves contacting customer support first, fulfilling the minimum deposit, and accomplishing the turnover requirements to be able to cash out some bonus money.

Register with 24betting today and use the 100% first deposit bonus to win more money. Additionally, gamblers can join the VIP club when they accumulate enough money.