24betting App Download Guide

24betting is an online mobile betting platform that many gamblers can go to place bets on cricket matches and play slots on mobile devices. The platform has both a mobile-friendly website and the 24betting mobile app that gamblers can download to streamline their online gaming experience. Both mobile options are well-optimized for different mobile phones, especially when considering the platform’s UI.

Mobile App

The 24betting app is available for Android devices only and can be downloaded for free.

24betting App Download

24betting players can download the 24betting mobile application by following these steps:

  • Go to the download page by clicking this link. Otherwise, remain on
  • this page and use the QR codes below.
  • Depending on your device, scan the QR code on the left to download the iOS version of the app, scan the QR code in the middle to download the Android version of the app, and scan the last QR code to be redirected to the mobile-optimized version of the betting website.
  • Tap the link that appears on the display.
  • Tap the button called “Free installation.”
  • Install the application manually by going to the smartphone’s download destination folder
Mobile casino game

The QR codes above will redirect users to the app’s respective download pages, except for the last QR code. The last QR code redirects to the mobile-friendly website where gamblers can manually download the application by following the steps below:

24betting Download App QR Code
  • Tap “APP download”
  • Tap the respective “download” button located below either “Android APP” or “IOS APP” 
  • Tap on “Free installation”
  • Install the application manually by going to the smartphone’s download destination folder

Installing the 24betting mobile app may prompt the user to enable app installations from unknown sources. This is because the application is not available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Gamblers can access the download page by following this link or scanning one of the QR codes above.

Gamblers can download the app by going to the download page and then tapping “APP download” when accessing it through the mobile-friendly website or by tapping “Free installation” or downloading the iOS version installer for Apple mobile devices.

First, ensure that you have enough storage proof to install the application on your mobile device. If the problem persists, contact customer support to quickly resolve any problems with the download process. It is also possible that the application itself is incompatible with the device. If there are still problems, gamblers can consider gaming through the mobile-optimized website instead of the application.

The 24betting mobile application, like other betting sites and online casinos’ mobile apps, are convenient means to game online without needing to use a desktop PC or laptop to gamble. The mobile app allows gamblers to access online casino games like Teen Patti, blackjack, and baccarat, cricket matches, and slots and fishing games while on the go so that traveling gamblers will still be able to play for real money.

The 24betting mobile application is optimized for mobile devices and the mobile-friendly site shares the same UI as that of the application. One advantage is being able to easily navigate the UI to access the casino games and bet on online cricket matches.

It’s also advisable to use only one device for playing and withdrawing real money, especially since the experience is streamlined. Gamblers only need to remember their transaction passwords to ensure that they can seamlessly withdraw money. They can also easily contact customer support since it is available in the same active window as that of the application.


Gaming through mobile betting sites like 24betting makes online casino gaming convenient since gamblers can play through their mobile devices. Both the download and installation process are simple and gamblers won’t likely have problems using the platform, so it makes sense to download the application to further streamline the gaming experience.